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Sustain Abruzzo wishes to acknowledge and thank their supporters for their donations.

$5,000 and up
COMITES (Committee for Italians Abroad)

$1,000 – $5,000
Bari Ristorante in Memphis Tennessee
Capannina Restaurant in San Francisco, CA
Amoroma Pizzeria in Orinda, CA
Farina Focaccia and Cucina  in San Francisco,CA
La Ciccia Ristorante in San Francisco, CA
Baccus Society of Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA

$500 – $1,000
Aqua Pazza Ristorante in San Mateo, CA
D’Antiche Terre in Manocalzati, Italy
Filippo Gallino Winery in Canale, Italy
Le Fonti Winery in Panzano in Chianti, Italy
Ruggeri Prosecco Winery in Valdobbiadene, Italy
La Montecchia Winery in Padova, Italy
Raina Winery in Montefalco, Italy
Sassotondo Winery  in Sorano, Italy
Marotti Campi Winery in Morro d’Alba, Italy
Il Convento in Massa Lubrese, Italy
Tranchero Osvaldo Winery in Mango, Italy

Up to  $500
Ciao Vito in Portland, OR
Rose’s Cafe in San Francisco, CA
FIVE in Portland Oregon CA
A.G. Ferrari

We also wish to thank our other annonymous donors for their contributions to help the farmers of Abruzzo.

Please check back soon for pictures of the construction underway at the Galano Farm.

Mission Statement:

Sustain Abruzzo was founded to aid the small agricultural producers who were victims of the April 2009 earthquake in Aquila (Abruzzo) Italy.  We aim to do so by:

  1. Raising funds through restaurant and food & wine retailers who hold fundraising events
  2. Stimulating the market in the United States by promoting the products these producers create
  3. Encouraging tourism to Abruzzo which stimulates the local economy and farms
  4. Creating sister-city style relationships where sponsoring businesses visit the Abruzzo producers and share ideas and see first hand the relief efforts.

Funds raised will go directly to the farmers to rebuild their facilities.

Searching for importers and distributors.

Sustain Abruzzo is searching for a small importer and distributor that is interested in distributing products endorsed by Sustain Abruzzo.  Please contact for more information.

About Sustain Abruzzo

In April an earthquake struck and devastated the historic  town of Aquila in the mountains of Abruzzo. The almost complete devastation of Aquila and neighboring towns seen on international media told only part of the story. Many villages and hamlets, in the outlying areas, where small farms and agricultural endeavors represent the family’s livelihood, also suffered crippling damages.  Life in these mountain villages has never been easy, but these farmers and local producers have steadfastly remained on their farms and resisted moving to larger towns because they believed in their way of life and the value of their products.

The recent earthquake has shaken many of these mountain farmers to their core and to a point where the cost of rebuilding may just be too great to consider continued life on the farm. They may find they don’t have the means or see a future in rebuilding. Who will continue traditional farm life in Abruzzo? How many treasures and traditions will be lost? How many farmers will abandon their heritage? As Carlo Petrini said many years ago, “who is going to do the work on these small farms in villages scattered in the high mountains?”

Sustain Abruzzo was started as a project to help the small farmers, shepherds and small agricultural companies (cheese, preserves, honey, etc.) in the earthquake zone. Beyond the initial financial assistance to small agricultural producers and farmers, the goal is to help stimulate and create a marketplace for their products in order to allow them to continue their traditional way of life.  Tourism to the agriturismos in Abruzzo will help the farmers who supplement their income by welcoming visitors to their farms.  Eventually a “sister-city’ style relationship will develop between the sponsors of Sustain Abruzzo and the producers who receive aid.

October has been designated as “Sustain Abruzzo Month” and restaurants and food and wine retailers are hosting fundraising dinners/parties. Money will be raised to help rebuild damaged property in Abruzzo and attention will focus on traditional Abruzzese agricultural products.  The hope is that  an increased awareness of Abruzzese ingredients will encourage a marketplace for the products of these affected producers.

This website  highlights the small farmers and producers affected by the earthquake and serves as a vehicle for showcasing their products. It is our goal that restaurants and importers will look to these producers as suppliers and that with our combined efforts we will together be able to help “Sustain Abruzzo.” With a market for these artisanal and traditional Abruzzese products, small family farmers and producers will be able to continue a way of life that honors their land and their traditions.

We have designated the  Galano Dairy Farm in Fossa, Abruzzo as the main recipient of our fundraising efforts. Not only have the roof and most walls of the dairy farm collapsed but the home of the owners Dina and Enzo Galano was also destroyed. The family now lives in side room next to the barn that was left intact.  Winters are severe in this region of Italy and Dina and Enzo are working frantically to try to build a temporary shelter for the cows before the harsh winter snow and wind sets in.  Our current fundraising efforts will be focused on helping them  build a temporary shelter for these animals before winter.

Please join us by having a “Sustain Abruzzo” dinner or party and we will publicize your restaurant and event as well as your donation on our website. Please contact us for more details on how to participate in our Sustain Abruzzo Fundraisers. Sustain Abruzzo thanks you for your support and look forward to working together to help “Sustain Abruzzo.”