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The Galano Family Dairy Update

November 16, 2009 | 5 Comments »

As you have no doubt seen on the website, we have identified the Galano Family Dairy as the main recipient of the financial donations. The dairy farm lost the roof and walls of its barn as well as the hay silo and the family lost its house in town as well.  They are now living in a room on the side of the barn that was spared major damage.  They are now in a race against time as they try to rebuild a temporary shelter before the snow and cold winds of winter set in.  They estimate the cost of the temporary shelter alone will be 60,000 euros.

We are now tallying up the donations and trying to solicit any funds we can before Lorenzo Scarpone goes to Italy at the end of this month to bring the Galano Family 100% of the funds we have raised for them.

Please view new photos of the Galano Family Dairy here

The Galano Family Dairy The Galano Family Dairy The Galano Family Dairy nThe Galano Family Dairy

Sustain Abruzzo At NIAF 2009 Gala


At the end of October, Sustain Abruzzo attended the NIAF Conference and Gala in Washington DC with Pierluca Masciocchi our liaison in Abruzzo.  He brought with him samples from the various producers we are trying to help in the earthquake region.  The cheeses, saffron, honey, sweets and more were all well received.  See a complete list of producers here and let us know if you are interested in bringing in any of these products.   We also met with the President of the Abruzzo region, Gianni Chiodi, who was impressed by our project and plans to visit us in the spring when he comes to San Francisco.   Sustain Abruzzo was of great interest to many who attended the conference and we have opened up new lines of communications with people from around the country.

Please click here to see photos from the event

Sustain Abruzzo Efforts Mentioned in Slow Food USA Blog

November 11, 2009 | 2 Comments »

Sustain Abruzzo was mentioned in the Slow Food USA Blog post Monday.  We greatly appreciate the help spreading the word.  Fundraising to help the Galano family and many more small agricultural producers rebuild and get their products back to the marketplace is important and we’re glad that Slow Food USA has taken an interest in the cause as well.  Check out the blog here Our Blog : 11/09/09 – Rebuilding Abruzzo’s Crumbled Farms : Slow Food USA or read the article below.

The Slow Food USA Blog

Rebuilding Abruzzo’s Crumbled Farms

Posted on Mon, November 09, 2009 by Slow Food Intern User
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by intern Becca Stanger

On April 6, 2009 a violent earthquake of 6.3 magnitude shook the very foundations of Italy’s Abruzzo region.  When the dust had settled, the damage amounted to over 220 deaths, 1500 injuries, and 25,000 homeless survivors.  In the wake of the disaster, numerous concerned community organizations, like The Italian Red Cross, The New York Police Department, The Italian-American Museum, and many more, organized relief efforts for the devastated region.  In addition, the U.S. Department of State and the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF)entered into a public-private partnership in May to address the needs of University of L’Aquila students.  While all of these efforts have focused on meeting the area’s educational and human resource needs, Slow Food has aptly seen to protect the devastated local farmers and producers.

Abruzzo’s farmers and producers were significantly hurt by the quake.  Enzo and Dina Galano of the Galano Dairy Farm, for example, lost their home in the earthquake and are now forced to live in a room attached to their barn.  As if that were not enough, the quake caused severe damage to their barn and hay silo (pictured above), forcing the couple to frantically build a temporary shelter for their 60 cows before the arrival of the harsh winter weather.  Facing hardships like these, many local producers of Abruzzo are now considering tossing in the towel and abandoning their agrarian lives for the city. Such migrations of necessity, however, would significantly damage the traditions rooted in the producers’ practices.

In response, several leaders and members of the Slow Food San Francisco chapter have formed the Sustain Abruzzo project to provide these local producers with the support they need.  During the month of October, Sustain Abruzzo successfully arranged for several restaurants and food and wine producers to host fundraising events for the cause.  With six events under their belts and six more in the works, the project promises to offer some much-needed aid to the Galano Dairy Farm and others.

To contribute to this effort, check out the Sustain Abruzzo web site and sign up to donate to the campaign, host a fundraising event, or offer to distribute local products of the Abruzzo region.  With the help of the Sustain Abruzzo project, the local farmers and producers of the Abruzzo region can protect and preserve their invaluable food traditions

Help the Galano Family Dairy

October 10, 2009 | 2 Comments »

Sustain Abruzzo designates the Galano Dairy Farm as the main recipient of its fundraising efforts!

About Azienda Agricola Galano Enzo:

- Dairy farm (60-70 cows, Bruna and Frisona breed) in Fossa (Aquila) Abruzzo
- Owners are Dina and Enzo Galano
- Their home in town was destroyed – they are currently living in a room adjacent to cow stalls
- Roof and walls of stalls and dairy collapsed during the earthquake
- Enzo is still paying mortgage on their property
- Cows are now housed in temporary stalls (1400 square meters) were there is no roof or partial walls
- Enzo is trying to build a temporary enclosure to keep cows protected from snow and winter weather
To view more pictures of the Galano Enzo farm, please visit their picasa site here.

“Sustain Abruzzo Month” Off To A Good Start!

October 6, 2009 | 2 Comments »

“Sustain Abruzzo Month” is off to a great start!  Our Abruzzese dinners have begun and we are very pleased to have had culinary stars of Guardia Vomano (from the Terramo region of Abruzzo) Ercole and Stefano Fasciocco in San Francisco.  These brothers are the latest of several generations of this family to run the Antica Macelleria Fasciocco and came to the Bay Area last week to share their Abruzzese specialties with us.  We enjoyed some porchetta and spiedini di agnello at several locations last week including the Villa Italia warehouse tasting, Emporio Rulli Gran Caffé and Taverna Aventine.

A big thank you to everyone who has already come out to support Abruzzo.  Please look forward to more wonderful dinners throughout the month of October in our “events” section.

Culinary stars from Abruzzo in San Francisco this week

October 1, 2009 | 2 Comments »

Culinary stars Ercole and Stefano Fasciocco from Antica Macelleria Fasciocco are visiting San Francisco this week!  After preparing Abruzzese specialties such as a scrumptious porchetta and spiedini di agnello this past weekend, they’re doing it again Friday, October 2nd, at Emporio Rulli Gran Caffè.

These culinary stars of Guardia Vomano (from the Terramo region of Abruzzo) Ercole and Stefano Fasciocco are the latest of several generations of this family to run the Antica Macelleria Fasciocco. They buy animals only from small-scale local farmers.   A “macelleria” is a butcher shop, but the Fascioccos do much more than Americans would expect of a butcher.  They are artisan “salumieri”, making many types of sausages and cured meats. They are also renowned as the best meat cooks in the region and will be preparing a porchetta, a specialty of the Abruzzo region.

Please join us Friday and participate in fundraising efforts for earthquake victims of Abruzzo.  This special event will donate 50% of all wine sales to Sustain Abruzzo.  For more information, please view our upcoming events.  Don’t miss a chance to taste true Abruzzese cuisine prepared by these Abruzzese Chefs on their first visit to the United States.