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FYI – News bites from Abruzzo

July 22, 2009 | 2 Comments »

Enlarging the crater of the earthquake: the municipalities that are entitled to the benefits of reconstruction have increased to 57. The protests of the excluded mayors were heard. Guido Bertolaso, who had promised a review of the decree, added the towns of Bugnara, Cagnano Amiterno, Capitignano, and Montereale Fontecchio (L’Aquila) and municipalities from Terramo, Colledara, Fano Adriano and Penna Sant’Andrea. Five companies won the bid for the construction of 1,500 houses in wood.

From Il Centro Newspaper – Abruzzo

L’Aquila, nuove scosse molta paura ma nessun danno

July 6, 2009 | 1 Comment »

jpg_1666533A seismic swarm has set off the alarms again. Tonight, the earth trembled 5 times. The shock at 2:16 a.m. with a magnitude of 2.3 and located in the epicenter of the earthquake district in the Aterno valley, then another two with the same epicenter of L’Aquila, Villagrande and Fossa, at 3:14, of magnitude 3.4, and 3:18 to 2.7. In the morning, at 11:43, another of 3.6 with epicenter in the Collio, Villagrande and L’Aquila. The fifth and most powerful occurred at 13.03 with magnitude 4.1.

Investigations carried out by Italy Situation Room of the Department of Civil Protection indicate there was no damage to persons or property, but there was great alarm in the population that spilled out into the street and was afraid to return to their homes. The location of the next shock was at the epicenter L’Aquila, and Barete Pizzoli.

The Council President Silvio Berlusconi, informed the ministers during the CDM at Palazzo Chigi, that a new aftershock measuring 4.1 Richter scale, had just checked in L’Aquila, where the G8 will begin Wednesday in the barracks of the Guardia di Finance a Coppito.

The premier, speaking to some ministers did not hide his concern and remarked that the shock of today is “a little lower” than that caused the disaster last April 6.

The L’Aquila You Remember No Longer Exists

May 29, 2009 | 4 Comments »

hpim1077As a first generation Italian, I awoke in horror to hear the news of the Abruzzo earthquake. My parents were both born in the Provincia di L’Aquila (San Marco and Pizzoli) , and I have hundreds of relatives still living there. While I am eternally grateful that no one in my family was injured, my cousin Maria, her 2 daughters and husband lost everything and are now living in a tent. As horrible as this is, they are lucky to be alive. My parents came to America in the 1950′s, and brought my paternal grandparents with them. I fell in love with Italy when I first visited in the 70′s, and have returned to their birthplace “L’Aquila” nearly 25 times since. It is painful and so sad to hear my cousins say: “The L’Aquila you remember no longer exists.” I recall fondly looking back at years of pictures the many walks in the Piazza, the visits to the Castello, La Fontana delle 99 Cannelle, and many shopping excursions at the mercato. I can’t imagine going back to visit and not seeing the usual and familiar landmarks.

What can I do in the meantime? GIVE of my time in hosting and volunteering for fundraisers to help the victims. SUPPORT the local artisan farmers and producers whose livelihood is in jeopardy as a result of the earthquake by DONATING money to SUSTAIN ABRUZZO.

As a citizen of both Italy and America, how can I not take care of the land that was home to my parents, and a second home to me? I urge you to do the same – despite how difficult these times are for us, can you imagine how difficult it is for them?

Grazie Mille -
Vera R. Ciammetti

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